Deer Antler carving,Ruffed Grouse feather,nature,wildlife,native knife handle

Whitetail deer antler carving
"Ruffed Grouse tail feather"
Grouse tail feather carved on cut off whitetail deer antler Nice size antler, could be used for knife handle.
This is a one of a kind carving, each carving I do is hand carved with a dremel tool and no two are exactly alike.
Carving hand painted with acrylic paints and clear coat finish.
Detailed carving and painting
My name, date carved into the end of the antler and Christian fish symbol
Feather carving approx. 4 and 1/8 inches From end of wood to tip of antler 5 inches
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To know more about me check out my M E page. Artist; Steven Shaner Thank you

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