Deer Tail Hair Roach Powwow Regalia

Deer Tail Hair Roach

This hair roach is made with a beautiful white tail deer tail centered on porcupine hair and red dyed deer hair. T is red felt beneath a medicine wheel in the center of the roach. T are two drops of blue e-beads, ½" black horn hairpipe and tin cones along with a felt wrapped Palm turkey feather with 2 red felt dots at the tip. The roach is approximately 12" in diameter. This roach would make a beautiful addition to someone's powwow regalia or someone's Native American collection. NO RESERVE.

O' si yo! (Hello)

These items were made by Cherokee Native Two Feather a Northern Traditional Dancer.

All feathers used are 100% LEGAL to own, buy, sell, mail, and trade.


Powwow season is upon us. Check all Two Feather's listings for all your powwow needs. If t is anything you're interested in that you don't see listed, feel free to email him at .

We are dancers and former powwow venders; however, we are still taking care of my elderly mother who has Alzheimer's and are no longer able to follow the powwow circuit. For this reason, we are selling all of our stock. One day we will be able to return to dance for our ancestors. Until then, we'd prefer to sell these items so others can enjoy the native pride and connection to Mother Earth and the Creator while
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