Defiant A55 vintage transistor radio from 1962-3, needing attention.

This one's almost an exceptionally well preserved example of this popular LW/MW model from the Co-Operative Stores' Defiant brand. Visually, much its greatest defect is that a previous owner's fingertips have completely worn away a circle of the gilt finish around the on/off-volume control at the front. Other than that, there's a little yellowing to the waveband control, and one of the three very small screws securing the back of the set is missing. The imitation pigskin leathercloth is extremely good with only tiny flaws, and the carrying strap, often worn on these sets, doesn't appear to have carried the radio anywhere much - the gilt foil decorative insert, often rumpled or cracked, is practically perfect.
These are usually among the most reliable of transistor radios, but this one's not working, producing just a quiet hiss. On inspection, resistor R14, 680 ohms, has been well and truly cooked - see detail photo! Replace it and whatever was responsible for its demise (C12 shorting perhaps?) and the radio may well be ready to give a few more decades' service. If I'd already made a bit more space here I'd probably tackle this one myself.
The A55 was designed to use the PP11 battery, 4.5+4.5 volts, which was popular around 1960 but ceased production 20 or more years ago. Please note that you will not be able to buy the
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