Defunct NY City Transit Police Dept./Vintage 1947/Obsolete Full Size Det. Badge

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This detective shield, as well as the others I will be offering for sale, are a small part of a very prestigious collection of vintage New York City law enforcement badges.
The New York City transit Police Department badge that is being sold in this listing was manufactured in 1947. It was a joint effort, between giant commercial badge manufacturer, Everson Ross Incorporated, who won a 10 year renewable contract to create, design, manufacture, and repair and refinish, badges for the newly created New York City Transit Police Department. The designers of the badge were Ken Rosenberg and Jim Neefus for Everson Ross, along with master engraver Helmut Schroeder,, on loan from Tiffany and Company.
The original prototype badges, went only up as high as the rank of captain, and did not include the rank of Detective, because that was not a civil-service rank, and was omitted from the purchase order. Subsequently, Everson Ross and Schroeder's engraving team worked day and night to create the detective badge, and have it ready in time for the chief's approval.
The New York City Transit Police Department strictly prohibited its badge manufacturer from Hallmarking (attaching the manufacturer's name) to the back of the badge,
The detective badge in this listing comes from the prestigious personal collection

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