9 deg Non Conforming driver ILLEGAL SP-700 Face


NEW Beta Titanium NON CONFORMING Driver 9 Degree

Drivers are deemed illegal or banned for many reasons. The two most common is the head size and the "rebound" or COR rating. Many large heads those bigger than 470cc (460 +10cc) unfortunately are made out of forged aluminum NOT titanium ,as such they really don't provide the performance you are seeking especially distance. The spring face or high COR titanium drivers flat out work....period. Most non national manufacturers do not pay to have their heads tested, it's too expensive. We rely on information they give us. We then buy some samples and actually test them using players with swing speeds from the 60's to 120 +. When we see that the driver actually provides at a minimum of 12 yards additional distance, we market the driver. We have found most, not all, drivers with SP-700 titanium faces really rocket the ball. Golf should be fun, outdriving your buddies is really fun. So as long as the shaft flex matches your swing speed this baby is going to give you out standing distance....enjoy


Head material: Beta Titanium, SP-700 Titanium Spring face Swing weight: D2 Length 45" Wow you can't believe how long this puppy is!!! Shaft: Mars Golf super low torque (2.8) 65 gram, mid bend point mid/firm tip optimum ball
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