Degenhart Crystal Art Glass Owl in Cobalt Carnival

The piece that is up for auction is a Degenhart Owl in Cobalt Carnival with mould marks. The owl was made by the Degenhart Crystal Art Glass Company in Cambridge, Ohio. The Wise Ole' Owl was introduced in 1967 and is marked with a hand-stamped "D" on the bottom of the owl. The Degenhart owl is a reproduction of the Westmoreland Glass Company of Grapeville, Pennsylvania. The two owls can be distinguished by looking at the owls eyes. The Degenhart owl's right eye is dropped slightly, w as the Westmoreland owl's eyes are straight across. The mould was made by Island Mould Company of Wheeling, West Virginia. The owl mould is on display at the Degenhart Museum in Cambridge, Ohio. The owl is in excellent condition with just 2 mould marks on two sides of the books. The pictures show the mould marks on the books beneath the owl.The curator of the Degenhart Museum identified the owl and its color.