DeGrazia "Artists of the World" collectable plates

This group of 7 DeGrazia "Artists of the World" plates In the middle, dated 1984 "Degrazia paints his self portrait" #1877/12,500. At the top, dated 1994 "Little Flower Vendor" #1344/5000 . Also at the top, dated 1991 with a Knowles China Co. emblem, "Fiesta Angels" plate #6570A. Down the side, dated 1996 "Floral Fiesta" #368/500. Along the bottom, dated 1987 with a Knowles China Co. emblem, "Spring Blossom" plate # 12980A. Also at the bottom, dated 1992 "Pinata Party" # 932/5000. And up the side, dated 1992 "The Lords Candles" #1625/5000.

All in great condition.