DeHavilland Beaver Bush Model Wooden Airplane with Pontoons Great Condition

Up for auction is a wooden model of the well known de Havilland Beaver, single engine, propeller pontoon plane developed by deHavilland of Canada.

The Beaver was introduced in 1948 with production ceasing in 1967.

If you ever flew in one of these beautiful machines, in Canada or elsewhere, you will be able to identify the Beaver, and the sense of remote adventure it represents. This would make a great gift or display piece in your home.

The below quote from sums it up:

Mentioning the deHavilland Beaver often evokes a religious like reaction amongst die-hard bush pilots. Pilots have been known to take their hats off when one flies over and old-timers have become misty-eyed in remembrance of times past that they had with the deHavilland. With a stout nine cylinder Pratt & Whitney radial, Beavers fly over emitting a roar evocative of steep mountains, unruly bears and true wilderness. The deHavilland Beaver can be fitted with floats or skis. The Beaver features an aluminum, semi-monocoque design.

The model I am auctioning is in great condition. The paint is clean and shiny. Color scheme is illustrated in my photos. The only flaw that I can see is that the little perpendicular toothpick-like protrusion from one of the wings, is a little bent, and there's a chip in paint next to it (sorry, I do not know the
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