Del Prado Frontline 19th Century Alpini Alpine Officer General 1896 1/32 Rare

This auction is for a 19th Century Italian "Alpini" (Alpine) Officer (general Menin)1896 and was sold only in Italy as part of a series of Italian Alpine Soldiers. The figure is made in 1/32 scale and has the type of uniform and equipment used by Italian Alpini Officers from the late 19th Century until early 20th Century. It is similar in style and appearance to those figures produced by Frontline Figures for Del Prado and other part works sellers .

This model figure has been painted to a very high standard in shaded colours , and the fine paint work includes very neatly painted eyes, face, buckles, badges, buttons, medals and equipment (Including highly detailed sword, cane, etc).

The figure is on a highly detailed metal diorama style base and is approximately 6 cm High (Excluding feather in hat and base) and the base is 2.5 cm long.

This very unusual figure is great for anyone with an interest in military figures, and in particular late 19th Century, as a stand alone piece or as an addition to an existing collection. It is fully compatible with figures produced by Frontline Figures, William Britains , etc .

The figure you receive will be new and sealed in a blister pack .

Kept in a pet and smoke free environment.