Del Prado Men at War 1914 - 1945 - Issue 30 GERMAN STORMTROOPER 1916

del prado Men at War 1914 - 1945 - Issue 30 GERMAN STORMTROOPER WW1 1916 [ NCO ]

Condition - Brand new never been opened still in box never been on display


Collect the Soldiers and Leaders from the wars of the 20th Century This collection brings you unique hand-painted 7cm (2 3/4") die cast figures of soldiers from the most characteristic regiments of the wars of the 20th century. A series exclusively designed for Del Prado Publishers, with meticulous, accurately detailed and thoroughly documented reproductions, for the true collector.
The Soldiers, the Uniforms, the Equipment, the Weapons

Special emphasis is placed on the diversity, colourfulness and detail of the uniforms, an essential element of all organized armed forces. Each soldier wears uniform, insignias and is equipped according to the force he belongs to (whether infantry, armoured corps, navy, air force, etc.) as well as his mission (commando, paratrooper, etc.), field of action and his territorial base (Europe, Africa, Asia). .
The Countries, the Armies at War, the Fronts, the Wars
A collection that reflects the diversity of the countries and their respective armies, that came into conflict during the most important wars in the 20th century. Soldiers from Germany, France, United

• 100 Accurately reproduced die cast figures, measuring approximately 7 cm (2 3/4"). • Booklets accompanying the miniatures which provide information about the particular figure, and others, with full-colour illustrations

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