Delft Pharmacy Pill Tiles Holland Pharmaceutical LOTof5

Set of Five Vintage
Delft Blue Pharmaceutical Pill Tiles
Replicas 17th-Century Dutch Pill Tiles

From the B.W. Co. Pharmacy Education Program, this auction includes 5 ceramic/porcelain tiles, 1-dated September 1985, 2-dated 1989 and 2-dated June 1991. Also included are 4 certificates which originally accompanied the tiles when shipped. T is one separate hanger that can be attached to the back of one of the tiles as well.

Each tile measure approximately 6" x 6" and is painted in the blue Delft tradition. The 1985 tile is stamped on the back "Delft Holland Handmade," while the remaining tiles are stamped "Delfts Schoonhoven Holland Handmade." Also on the back of each tile is an explanation of what the image on the front represents. All but the 1989 tiles include the date on the back. The 1989 date is only noted on the accompanying certificate.

The 9 photos I have provided are not stock, they are images of the actual item for which you are bidding.

ABOVE: Women pharmacists, September 1985

"After completing their rigorous training, pharmacists were awarded pill tiles in recognition of their academic achievements and their distinguished status in the community.

The women depicted on this handmade pill tile are preparing medications by pounding herbs in a large mortar. The open
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