Up for auction is this darling small brown Cathy Hansen "Bru" reproduction doll. She measures approximately 5 inches in height, and is a lovely brown color. She is all bisque and is peg jointed at the shoulders and hips and has a socket joint where her head attaches to her body. The coloring where the pegs are sealed off are colored in a color that doesn't quite match the rest of her coloring, possibly due to the fact that she is 14 years old. She has multi-stroke eyebrows, delicately painted upper and lower eyelashes around her very dark set glass eyes, red accent dots in the inner corners of her eyes and in her nostrils, sweetly painted lips (in the french manner, with darker outlines), molded ears, and light blushing on her chubby little cheeks. She is wearing little glass bead "earrings" that appear to be fastened in with a very fine wire and a little dab of clear glue. Her torso has such cute molding, with just a hint of a bosom, a little navel and a cute little behind. The torso is signed on the back: Cathy Hansen 2003. It is not visible in my photos but if you lift up the back of her curly black hair, the head is signed the same way. Her hands are cupped and show the hint of fingers, probably incised with a carving tool. Her little toes are the same way.

There is one slight color "skip" on her right hand between her
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