This was a present last Christmas, but I haven't used it and am trying to de-clutter with a view to moving house. The bowl measures 2.75" across and just under 2" high, and is filled with a scented wax candle. It no longer has the plastic disc on the top of the candle, but it has never been lit or used. All around the bowl are lines of different penguins in different positions. The wording, under the penguins says: "Up you hop please watch where you are going. Walk with us. Can you see it yet? We'll be there in a minute." It's slightly wavey writing, under the wavey line of penguins and I love it. It can't help but make you smile. The orange candle matches the orange writing and the orange lights and feet of the penguins. Why don't you treat yourself to a little bit of whimsey humour and add to your Bridgewater collection. I know it is now discontinued. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll do my best to help. Please also look at my other items. I shall be selling a larger version of this candle too.
Meantime, thank you for looking and best of luck if you do decide to bid.