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Hello, and welcome to my auction!

My name is Rebecca Mills and I am the reborn artist at "Becca's Reborn Baby Boutique". I have been reborning doll's for about one year now and have somew in the range of 150 completed doll's all over the world. I am very dedicated to creating the most realistic reborn babies possible and to the best of my ability. When I am 100% satisfied with the looks of my reborns, then and only then will they be offered for auction. All of my photo's are taken in natural sunlight to achieve the best quality pictures I can produce. I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to check out my ebay store for other items listed.

Recently I spoke with a lady who had purchased one of the reborn dolls to give to her mother in law who was requiring medical attention through a nursing home. The mother in law was very depressed, not showing much signs of improvement until the doll arrived. Immediately she took to the doll, she rocked her, stroked her hair and all of her mothering instincts came back to her. She now can change her babies diapers and dress her for the weather that day, just as a mommy would do. It was such an inspiring story that I had to share with others what I had heard. Its amazing that these little dolls could be such a great addition to the therapy world!

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