Deluxe Bomb Cosplay 2 Mook Japan Idol Book

Deluxe Bomb Cosplay 2 Mook Japan Idol Book
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What is a Japanese Mook? A mook is part magazine part book or Mook. Mooks are one shot magazines, usually a year book, and contains no advertsiments.

Mooks have a limited print run and are collected like comic books, often placed into vinyl bags after buying. If t is a scandal, death or other media interest the Mook increases in value.

Deluxe Bomb vol 2

100 pages

21 x 30 cm

Date 2001

Soft cover


Reiko Suho


Miku Ishida

Miyuki Kanbe

Risa Tani

Yukari Fukui

Noriko Shiina

Aya Hirayama

Ryou Asada

Hisae Ukita

Natsuki Kato

Luna Nagai

plus 13 double sided two page size posters

From Gakken Magazine

650 grams

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