4 piece Barbie Dream Kitchen by Deluxe Reading Corp.
from the 1960's with 50 of the original accessories!
In well-used condition-see pics. The refrigerator and sink are in good shape, all parts there, doors open and close, shelves in fridge swing out, though there is color loss on the silver areas (handles, decoration, etc.).
As you can see, the tops broke off the dishwasher and stove, and the door is missing from the dishwasher. It also has marks on its top from something hot touching it in two places (see pic). The stove does have the removable turkey inside on the "rotisserie". All the wiring is in place for the rotisserie to turn, but I cannot get it to work. I assume it is a minor fix for someone who knows what they are doing (not me...), and there is a bulb inside for the top burners to look as tho they are on, but either it is blown or it involves the same issue the rotisserie has.
The tubing for water is in place on the sink and the dishwasher, but age may have degraded it enough to leak. I did not try to put water thru it.
Accessories as shown. I did clean off the milk bottles-didn't notice the smudges on them until I saw the pics...All in very good condition, but note the masking tape added at the bottom of 3 of the boxes.
Please look over pictures carefully and ask questions before bidding
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