New Demarini CF3 Black Baseball Bat DXWFR 31

Brand New in the Wrapper!-Blem

Limited Edition White Model!

2009 DeMarini CF3 Pitch Black Doublewall Composite Youth Baseball Bat

Size 31 inch / 23 ounce- Paint blem no warranty

Model # DXWFR

So now you have got the best bat in the game, Get the special edition CF3 White and show something they have never seen!

Featuring a DoubleWall® Pitch Black™ composite construction, this DeMarini® CF3™ Black Youth Senior baseball bat boasts two independent composite walls or multiwalls separated by DeMarini® Flex Film, creating a dynamic springboard hitting surface with maximum trampoline effect for added pop. The Pitch Black™ handle maximizes handle performance with optimum flex. -8 Length to Weight Ratio 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter is the biggest allowed 22% Stronger Carbon than competitors Clutch End Cap and Clutch Knob Demarini Doublewall Pitch Black Composite Design Demarini Variegated Composite Grip Double Re-Inforced Vertical and Horizontal Weave for durability Half & Half Construction is proven better performance Ultra Light Balanced Handle Blem? Blems have a very minor paint or decal flaw or sometimes are just closeout bats that are perfect, these are nicer than you would expect and perform 100%, thanks for looking!