Take Care of Your Sister Musical Snow Globe
Song: By the Beautiful Sea
5" tall base reads: Mama smilesâe¦ her younger daughter loves to follow in the wake of her older sister. Mama praysâe¦ no matter how deep the sea of life, her daughters will reach out for each other. See Romans 12:10 Sculpture is based on âeoeAn Ocean of Devotion,âe a painting portraying sisters, Katrine and Kirsten, who love to walk the beach together near their home.

Mama Says
by Kathy Andrews Fincher

Inspired by the artistâe(tm)s original paintings, these sweet, detailed sculptures depict a timeless lesson in vivid detail and have inspired the Mama Says â,,¢, a collection of the wisdoms that mamas pass on to their children generation after generation.

Mama Saysâ,,¢ is a celebration of motherhood and the timeless treasures of a motherâe(tm)s heart.

Because Mamaâe(tm)s heart is always with her children, every child in the Mama Says figurine line has a heart somew in the scene. This heart may not be obvious, as children do sometimes carry their mamaâe(tm)s love with them without thinking about it. The heart may be momentarily tossed aside in a show of independence, but Mamaâe(tm)s heart and her wisdom are never truly left behind.

Their message and their gentle appealing charm works for many gift-giving occasions.
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