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The original Demogorgon by Minifigs
Looks like the Demogorgon in the Monster Manual and is much bigger then the Grenadier version,and far older then the Reaper version,and other versions made after that.
You can see the difference in Pic 3 that is the Demogorgon done by Grenadier and is not for sale,it is to show you the size and variation of the Demogorgon.
Very rare miniature in good condition,and even has the tail. Which is hard to come by.
I found him in a drawer after watching Stranger Things,and decided to part with it to a collector and or fan of Stranger Things.
This is what the creators of Dungeons and Dragons was going for when they placed the Demogorgon in the original Monster Manual.
Please judge your bidding by the pics provided.
Miniatures ship in a box,not a padded envelope.
Free SH Continental United States only
Thank you for viewing.