Dennis The Menace # 1 - 1st Comics appearance - Standard Comics - Golden Age

Up for Auction: Scarce First Issue of DENNIS THE MENACE Golden Age Comic Part of my father's collection who recently passed away. It was safely stored in a box in storage for easily over two decades, and sealed in plastic. I did not open to take further pics of interior pages in case it lowers its value for collectors. But if more pics are desired I will carefully do so. I will do my best to answer more questions. Thanks for looking! Update: More pics added after questions were asked about interior of comic. Here is what I wrote: Full disclaimer: I am not a collector; my dad was. So I'll do my best to answer your questions from my limited knowledge.
After opening and looking through each page, I see only a few small tears on the edge of a few pages.
All the pages seem to be there, nothing seems to be torn out or missing.
The back cover seems to be slightly damaged.
The staples are still attached
The spine: after trying to look this up, still have no idea what a "spine split" is. If you can send me a more clearcut specific thing I should look for, please let me know. What I can see: the spine of the comic is still intact and cover is attached to all the pages, with a small tear on the bottom of the spine, just below the staple.