This is an amazing Limited Edition Dent of London Inclined Plane Clock, issued nearly 40 years ago, and made by the original and legendary maker Dent of London. These mystery clocks are also sometimes referred to as Rolling Drum Clocks (not to be confused with Rolling Ball Clocks, frequently seen on eBay), and were invented in the 1680s.

Yet very few of these clocks true to the original technology have been made over the last 100 years!

The Inclined Plane Clock descends the sloped plane, over a period of a week. The jewelled movement, with a platform escapement, never needs winding, as the clock powers itself, principally through the "use" of the power of gravity. This finely crafted Dent clock is a close copy of the one made by the clock's inventor, Maurice Wheeler, in 1684.

The Dent Inclined Plane Clock is an excellent and exceptional quality 1974 made clock, of which relatively few have been produced throughout timepiece history .According to a research report on Inclined Plane Clocks, only eleven "sightings" of Inclined Plane Clocks have occurred since 1684, when first invented by Maurice Wheeler.

This Dent version from 1974 made that year in very limited quantities is referred to as one of the 11 "sightings", and it looks like one of the nicest of the few made throughout
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