Denture repair kit - Make permanent repairs at home!

As denture wearers know, dentures can crack or teeth pop out at the worst times: At a restaurant, on vacation or away from home.
In the past, the only remedy was to see your dentist or have the denture sent out for repair, which left you with no dentures for a few days.
Many people try super glue or epoxy to make the repairs, but those contain harmful chemicals you shouldn't put in your mouth. They usually don't hold very long at all. Now you can make your own reliable repairs that are as strong as the original dentures. Cracks, fractures, loose or missing teeth can all be repaired wver you are.
This product is NOT available in stores
* Step by step instructions
* Eye dropper
* File and tooth extractor sanding abrasive
* Professional denture acrylic resins and bonding adhesives
* 6 upper and 6 lower professional replacement teeth.
I'll even include a computer CD with "how-to" videos, showing step by step procedure for each type of repair. You can't go wrong!
Save hundreds of $ on dental lab work.
Contains enough material for dozens of repairs.