Original COLORADO oil painting on canvas
by Renowned Denver, Colorado artist
PAWEL A. KONTNY 1923-2003

Colorful View of a Town by the Sea

Original oil on canvas, signed LR

Size: 36” X 24”,

Original Frame by Kontny,

42.25” X 30.15”


Pawel Kontny was born in Silesia in 1926 and aspired to be an artist, but his father was against it. Instead, he studied architecture at Breslau Polish University, which greatly influenced his later career as an artist.

A painter of subjects from many parts of the world, Pawel Kontny began with wartime sketches and changed to a technique combining abstraction and realism.
He was born in Laurahuette, Silesia, the son of a wealthy pastry shop owner. He studied architecture, but was interrupted by World War II. Traveling in many countries as a soldier, he sketched various landscapes but in 1945, he was captured and held as a prisoner of war in Italy.

His studies were interrupted by WWII when he was drafted by the German Army. As a member of the 62nd Silesian Infantry division, he fought in many battles on the Eastern Front. Despite the hardships, he still possessed the spirit of an artist, and recorded his impressions of the harsh landscapes he encountered on paper bags and butcher paper. He was captured by a British army unit
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