Denver Nuggets Dikembe Mutombo Starting Lineup 1993

Defensive Great Dikembe Mutombo

Starting Lineup Collectible Figurine

Pristine condition-1993 Edition in Blue Nugget uniform

Sold only in limited quantities in regional boxes

Very Rare!

He originally intended to become a physician ; he attended Georgetown University on a USAID scholarship. Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson convinced him to play basketball. He became an excellent college center , continuing Georgetown's tradition of producing great big men. He was a celebrated shot blocker at Georgetown, setting a team record of twelve blocked shots in a single game. Building on the shot-blocking power of Mutombo and teammate Alonzo Mourning , Georgetown fans created a "Rejection Row" section under the basket, adding a big silhouette of an outstretched hand to a banner for each shot blocked during the game. While at Georgetown, Mutombo's international background and interests stood out. Like many other Washington-area college students, he served as a summer intern, once for the U.S. Congress and once for the World Bank . He was also well known around campus for his patented phrase "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" which usually generated a pretty good response from the coeds, who got a rise out of seeing a very large 7' 2" man with a deep Cookie Monster-like voice shouting the phrase whenever
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