Department 56 Krinkles Glass Bull Dog Ornament NIB

What an adventure,

you are looking at a beautiful Krinkles piece. This bull dog glass ornament features one of americas favorite dogs, the bull dog. The glass ornament has a bull dog dressed in a frilly outfit with green shoes and silly hat. Te ornament matches teh Bull Dog Frame up for auction. The beautiful piece measures 5 inches by 5 inches and is made with all the finest krinkles detail and materials. A great stand alone piece or as a part of your collection. So many details to list. I have many other krinkles items available. Combined shipping avaialable and recommended. Please feel free to ask questions. MSRP is $27.50.

Krinkles by Patience Brewster

The krinkles story

Maybe it was nearsighted eyes that piqued her interest in the smallest details; whiskers, wrinkles or piping on a Christmas stocking. Looking back she was always a collector of the tiny and the extraordinary. Feathers, pebbles, beads, and twigs were her first art supplies and with them she fashioned unexpected animals and quirky characters. She loves discovering the little personalities in everyday objects that want to come alive: a rose who is really a fairy, a dog dressed up as a reindeer, or a star slipping on stylish new red high heels. Each season brings another chance for new stories to be told and more happiness shared.
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