This is a New Departure Coaster Brake from a balloon tire bicycle, this hub is unusual compared to all the others I have owned, the entire hub has the same gray finish on it, like Cadmium used on the brake arms, I did a light cleaning on the hub and the finish is still nice, the parts will need cleaning and greased and reassembled, it has a good c-clip brake spring, the drive cog is nice, good teeth on the sprocket, everything looks good, this might be an early war brake or early post war where they cad plated their hubs instead of chroming because of the war effort, very unusual, I had a bicycle with rims plated like this and my mother told me of a bicyle she had when she was a young girl that had plating like this on it instead of chrome, she would have been a young girl during the war, either way a nice hub just waiting for a nice bicycle to find a home on, LOW PRICE and FREE SHIPPING, BUY IT NOW and don't wait only to see someone else take it away from you.