Depression Era WPA Photograph Ringling Brothers Circus Paul Wenzel Clown Exhibit

Iconic image of Ringling Brothers clown, Paul Wenzel, and his partner Samson the Goose with extensive exhibition documentation. Photograph measures 7.5" by 9.25" and is housed in a 16" by 20" matte. Photo is signed "Bob Leavitt ARPS" lower right and "Wenzel" is inscribed in pencil lower left. The painting dates to the mid to late 1930s and is in good condition. The matte has some issues, as is evident in the photographs.

There are 10 exhibition labels on the reverse including The Camera Club of New York 1937, Miniature Camera Club of Philadelphia 1938, California Camera Club San Francisco, Los Angeles Camera Club 1938-9. Awarded Exhibition Recognition by the Maui Camera Club in Hawaii. Bears Photographic Society of America label.

Also bears stamp of the photographer: Bob Leavitt, 921 Washington Ave, Brooklyn NY.

Very interesting subject matter. A search of the web turns up many articles about Paul Wenzel who had an act with Goose Samson with Ringling Brothers for 17 years. Samson was found by Wenzel in Georgia where Samson was guarding a bootleggers still. A piece of American history.

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