DEPT 56 Dickens Village GREEN'S PARK NOSEGAYS Porcelain

Department 56 Dickens Village Series "Green's Park Nosegays", Porcelain house with light cord, new in Original unopened box #56-58704, from 2003 price tag on bottom $65.00. Contains one porcelain house with light cord and one "For You, My Lady" accessory.

- "T are few periods of time more romantic than the Victorian era. Queen Victoria popularized the historical practice of wearing nosegays, believing they refreshed the mind and stimulated the memory. Also known as tussie-mussies, the tradition of wearing bundles of flowers tied into tiny bouquets with satin ribbons remains fashionable today and continues to convey the language of love as represented in the included accessory "For You, My Lady."

The Dickens' Village Series - Step back in time to the cobblestone streets, gas street lamps, and horse drawn carriages of our 19th century Dickens' Village Series. Revel in the bustling, hearty, and joyous atmosp found in the holiday season of Victorian England. This series, introduced in 1984, has many pieces inspired by best-loved Dickens' novels.... the series portrays London and the surrounding countryside as it was during Dickens' lifetime. Detailed accessory pieces recreate the fervor of the busy streets..."

"Characterized by the matte finish, extensive research contributes to the charm and detail of each
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