Dept 56 Display Platform Base! Skull Cove! Halloween!

New Design for your Dept 56 Villages!

This is a new 2007 design for Dept 56 Villages. This is Skull Cove! Made by Dept 56 Display Platform Bases by Kathy.

Back by popular demand! Each Skull Cove I make is pretty much the same except the placement of the moss and large rocks and the sculping of the styrofoam is never the same.

This platform is made into 2 seperate sections. You can show them together or apart. You can make it spooky or not. It was designed specifically for Halloween. I will give you a description of each section as best I can. I use 2" styrofoam, resin, white sand, sea shells, Dept 56 sod & moss, real wood, river rocks, chain.

This model has a rectangular shaped pier, otherwise it is identical to the other models.

The section with the pier - Measures 23" X 22" and 8" tall. The water area is 12 1/2" X 8". I used resin that is tinted blue for the water effect. I placed real sand and sea shells under the pier. The pier, pylons are embedded into the resin water. The boardwalk, pier, pylons and steps are all wood, stained mahogany. For the boardwalk I used a black metal chain. I used Dept 56 sod and moss. I drilled a 1 1/2" hole for your lamps to be threaded up into the boardwalk area. I built the boardwalk up a little for the lamplight wires to be hidden underneath.

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