Dept 56 Snow Village Christmas and Easter lot

Special Lot of never displayed C hr is tm as and E as te r Snow Village!

The Peppermint House (extremely pretty piece) $75 The Jingle Bells House (play jingle bells while lights flash) $85 Santa's Wonderland House (santa rides a train around the house) $120 Happy Easter House $50 Easter Egg Hunt (children move around the park searching for eggs) $50 I purchased a few Easter pieces and Christmas pieces this year in hopes of displaying them this Christmas and next Easter( I normally collect the Halloween Snow Village) but now that we are expecting a baby we are going to lose the closet space I have been using for storage. I just sold my entire Halloween collection on ebay and these are the only collectibles I have left in order to clear out my closet. All pieces have been opened and inspected and each one is in working order and in mint condition since they are new and never displayed. The only piece that is an exception in any way is The Peppermint House. I purchased this from a retailer who stopped selling dept 56. The top of the box was ripped open and upon inspection found the bag of snow and birch tree that comes with the house were missing. The retailer told me that a customer had purchased a birch tree accessory from him and it was damaged so he took the tree from The Peppermint House's box to replace it since he didn'
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