Dept 56 Snow Village Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shop Christmas

I'm listing a bunch of Harley Davidson items New & Opened, some were just displayed in my Man Cave. This one is a opened Dept. 56 Harley Davidson Dealership. And it lights up. It was displayed in my mancave and I have no box. Can't get these anymore. Cheapest one on Ebay.

Please look at the pictures and read the description to make sure it's what you want before you bid because we expect you to follow through with no excuses! Payment to be made within 3 days unless other arrangements have been made before buying or bidding.

Please read below!

I've been doing this for just a little while and everything I sell is used with the exception of an occasional item that may be new which we'll tell you about. That being said, used tools may have some rust or oil on them and need cleaning up, that's the fun of buying used, you save money but you don't get perfection. If you need perfection then buy it NEW and hope you get it.

Always ask questions and don't assume anything because that always leads to unhappiness!! If I notice owner's marks, I'll mention it. Sometimes they are very light and insignificant and we miss them but that's the life of the re-purposed item!

I'm here to make things work and be fair on all our decisions in my business, you have my word on that!

Please remember to give me Positive
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