Dept 56 Village Accessories Mill Creek Workin Waterfall

Dept 56 Village Accessorie "Mill Falls" Working Waterfall

This is another expensive Mill Creek piece that I have up on eBay. It was released in 2000 and retired in 2001.

Original price was 75.00

The detail in this piece is really excellent. When the water flows down the rocky hill into the creek at the foot of the hill, t is a Mama and baby bear wading around in the water hunting for a fish dinner. The squirrels on the rocks and birds in the trees are quite a remarkable work of art. The canoe that is hap-hazzardly up against the rocks makes it look like the campers got out of t in a hurry (making sure that they was not on the menu) when the black bears showed up for lunch.

I had this connected to my Mill Creek Curved piece on both sides and the creek flowed thru the "winter campground" (with Dept 56 and other brand name campers that I found).

The waterfall is heavy, approximately 8 to 10 pounds

It is approximately 10" long... 8" Wide 10" at it's highest point

It is electric (Not an adapter). Just add water and plug it in.

Original styrofoam and sleeve, sleeve has wear and tear on the corners.

Shipping is 20.00 through UPS so t MUST be a street address and NOT a Post Office Box

All sales are final and I thank you for your interest in this auction.
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