Enjoy this beautiful hand painted Oval bowl with handles. The intricate painting technique and the combination of cobalt blue with a sunflower yellow makes this piece a work of art. Serving possiblities are endless... Y ou will look like a true gourmet cook serving spaghetti and meatballs in this durable, lovely bowl...

The Wedding Season is upon us...a great gift for a bridal shower or wedding/anniversay!!
Measures 15¼" x 9½". SELLS FOR OVER $225. BUY IT NOW FOR $145.!

All our majolica are hand-made and hand-painted by Deruta artisans.

The Process Involves 5 Steps:

The Potter: Starts with a plain lump of refined clay. Masterfully, the clay is transformed and molded for the kiln.

The First Firing: The clay is fired at 950 degrees and is referred to as "biscotto" (Bisque).

The Glazing: The bisque is dipped into "smalto", a fast drying chalky liquid glaze. This step, a secret composition for each factory, will then be painted and helps determine the color tones of the fired piece.

The Painting: The artist hand and experience with color now transform the piece as has been for centuries.

The Second Firing: The final step w the piece is fired at 920 degrees for a 12 hour period.

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