Desert Bluff Mesa 28mm Wargame Terrain Warhammer 40K Fantasy Warmachine

This listing is for a single piece of terrain, a desert bluff or mesa for 28mm tabletop miniature war games like Warhammer Fantasy and 40K or Warmachine. The bluff is made of polystyrene and paint. The mesa is 2 5/8 inches high. The longest side is 14 inches long. Please note the miniature in the photo is there to demonstrate scale and is not included in this listing.

Always feel free to email me with questions or concerns. Don't forget to check out what I have in my online store as well. I typically send the package out the next day or the day after that.

You, the buyer, will pay shipping and handling on this lot. For U.S. customers, this is $2.65. International customers are welcome, but asked to please contact me first as the cost of shipping overseas can be unexpectedly expensive. I accept paypal. In most cases I generously discount shipping and handling costs for multiple auctions or lots. If multiple items can be easily shipped together, I will do so.

About the Maker...

What you are looking at in the photo included with this listing is another of JustDucky 's miniature wargame terrain works of art. A creative vision has swept over her and she just couldn't stop until it was done. But just because its pretty doesn't mean that it can't be used in a knock-down, drag-out miniatures fight. JustDucky strives
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