Detective Comics 285, SuperSize Image, VF- (7.5)

Detective Comics #285, VF- (7.5)

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Published by DC Comics in 1960.

A very beautiful cover with only very minor flaws. The cover is highly reflective (with about 90% or more of original gloss), has strong sharp coloring, is very smooth (with only a few very minor creases at toward the edges), and generally flat (see Definition of a Crease below). There is slight discoloring near the middle of the right edge. Very little soiling on the front cover and with a bit more on the back cover. Interior pages are very supple and white to a light tan at the borders. The staples are extremely well placed and the cover nicely cut with color extending nearly all the way to the spine. The cover is firmly attached to both staples. The edges are very sharp. The corners
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