DETECTIVE COMICS 1 - 877 + EXTRA ON 1167 books on 5 DVDs : SLAM BRADLY Batman

Discs were made new, they come with Cddisplay reader and these issues.
DETECTIVE COMICS 1 - 877 Annuals 1 - 12 ( Some early issues are Batman only ) BATGIRL : V1. 1 - 73, V2. 1 - 6,V3. 1 - 21,Batgirl Year One GOTHAM CITY SIRENS : 1 - 24 GOTHAM NIGHTS : 1 - 4 GOTHAM NIGHTS 2 : GOTHAM UNDERGROUND : 1 - 9 GORDON'S LAW : 1 - 4 HARLEY QUINN V1. : 1 - 38 HUNTRESS ARCHIVES : 1 - 9
Also to fill out the final disc I included a bunch of related Batman titles,
All Dvds are new and come with labels on them. They are not just printed and written on with a marker. Each disc will be filled as much as possible. If the title for sale does not fill out a disc extra books will be added for you as our gift. These books will be related in theme so as not to create a contrast in reading. If there is any trouble with a disc or set of discs email us and we will replace them.
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