NEW Detroit Michigan Fall 1/16 Chondrite 5mg of Crumbs by Meteorite Men Steve

This is an Authentic Listing of

Arnold Meteorites

BySteve Arnold, Host ofMeteorite Menon the Science Channel


For Sale In This Listing:

2 Meteorite Crumbs totaling 5mg

Classification: Unclassified Chondrite

Fall: January16, 2018

Country: Michigan, USA

Thismeteorite is currently unclassified. By its visualappearance and visible chondrules my best guess would be an H4-5 chondrite.

At 8:10 pm on Tuesday, January 16th, a large fireball entered Earth’s atmosphere near Detroit Michigan, broke up into several pieces and landed in an area with some frozen lakes. Hundreds of meteorite hunters, including me, descended on the area to hunt.

One local couple came from Detroit with their 23 month old daughter hoping they would get lucky and find something. A short time after arriving on Bass Lake, the Dad noticed his daughter was looking down at something. He quickly realized she had found some broken fragments of a meteorite and gathered them up! My hunting buddy Richard was nearby and came over to see what the excitement was about.

Richard confirmed they had found meteorite fragments, called to tell me the news, and I decided to go find them. I was super
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