Dang it's hot! Never knew why they called it the dog days. They don't seem to like it any more than we do! Muddy the puppy don't feel like chasin' squirrels and Ol' Judge won't even leave the house. And Pa's decided he's just gonna sit at the 'puter all day next to the cool water fan and sell more of that "stuff" he found this Spring. Antiques, linens, glassware, toys, paper, pictures âe" you name it âe" we got a bunch of it stacked up around ! Just give Zeke a poke to see what all we got and make sure to keep cominâe(tm) back âe~cause the more you buy, the sooner we can get Pa out from under-foot! And don't go biddin' 'less you read and understand the auction 'structions "DEVIL DOGS" BULLDOG PIN~USMC~MARINES~WWI
USMC Devil Dogs bulldog lapel pin. Let us start by saying, we don't know if this is an original or a reproduction of this pin - it has been compared to the original brasses and looks identical, but it is so shiny and bright, we just can't in good conscience say it is or isn't original. It is unmarked, it appears to be some type of metal coated with a gold substance, t is some pitting in the back through to a dark metal. It weighs .2 oz and does not react to a magnet. 1 1/8" x 1 1/2". Straight from the estate of a long-time bulldog collector. That's all we know about this pin - so we will leave its
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