The Devil's Cauldron - Battles for Arnhem and Nijmegen-MMP-Grand Tactical Series

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Operation Market-Garden - A Bridge Too Far - has become one of the defining battles of World War II in the West. The Devil's Cauldron is the first of a new series of games that will recapture these moments on a grand scale. With the color and atmosphere that the great campaigns deserve, the series is also created with exquisite historical detail and a game system that allows the players to see the great Whys and What-Ifs as the campaigns unfold.Should the British Airborne have risked more to drop closer to Arnhem Bridge? Could XXX Corps have gotten to the beleaguered garrison at Arnhem Bridge? These questions are asked to this day and with Devil's Cauldron you can arrive at your own answers. Incorporating the most up-to-date historical information as well as contributions from leading Market Garden-historians, the game's details are unmatched. The SS Marching band that was thrown into the early action; Jedburgh teams; captured Dutch Firetrucks; German Police units; and much more are presented. No effort has been spared on the maps, which have extraordinary detail and have been


4 23.5"x35.5" mapsheets 3 of which are backprinted w/scenario maps

3 9"x12" map extensions (adding useful areas which were "just off" the are covered by the 4 mapsheets)

11 sheets of 5/8" die-cut full-color counters

1 countersheet of 1" die-cut full-color counters

Series Rulebooks (1 detailed; 1 "quick start")

TDC exclusive rulebook

Historical booklet

8 full-color divisional displays

2 CRT/TEC Charts and Tables

1 Game Turn Chart

4 10-sided dice

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