'Devil's Grateful Dead Lap Dog' Ron Dahline Face Jug

' The Devil's Greatful Deadhead Lap Dog' A face jug by Ron Dahline

Usually when I start a face jug, I have an idea of w I am headed and I can carry it through to the end---this is NOT one of those pieces!

What I wanted was a nasty, ugly, canine, dog-like critter that guards the gates of Hell. What I ended up with was a yappy, little devil pup that couldn't keep anyone out of anything including the kids out of the booze. I mean he only has one gold tooth--how many fights could that be?

Disclaimer: He still looks pretty menacing and has one skull on his totem. Pet him if you will, but I don't promise he won't bite--so sue me if the kids get wasted, mauled, and/or gone. I'm still looking for my cats after the chuacabra incident.

This jug stands 10 inches tall, by 10 inches tooth to tail and will NOT keep the kids out of the booze unless properly trained!

If you have any question, or comments on my sanity, please feel free to contact me.

Ronny Deeee

NOTE: This piece does have a couple of shrinkage scars, but I think they are an improvement. (see pic)

P.S. I love what I do!