Devonian Kainops invius Oklahoma trilobite #5 Buy 7 items + shipping free

From the Bois d'Arc Formation, Lower Devonian, of Oklahoma.

Welcome to our new budget fossils listings. We are aware that many collectors only require a single, or smaller specimen of certain fossils, meteorites or artifacts and that is what we will be offering here.

Please read the following as it applies to every budget listing, so you only need read it once as it is the same for every item:

In all cases the following applies:

You always get the exact specimen shown and unless noted all items are complete. Full geological data is included with each specimen.

If the item is shown in a gem jar then the gem jar measures 1 inch/27 mm wide and it can be used to judge the size of the specimen.

To make these items more attractive we have put a best offer option on every listing as the more you buy the more you can save. No reasonable offer will be ignored.

Additionally, regarding shipping, prices have skyrocketed recently for almost every shipping service. It is no fun paying $7 for shipping on a $5 fossil, so to make it more attractive if you buy 7 or more budget listing items then shipping is free . If you buy less than 7 items then shipping is fixed at $7 whether you buy 1 or 6 items.

On orders of $75 or more insurance is required and this is an additional $7.
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