Dewald A-502 Catalin Radio. ca. 1946. Displays Well

Works But Could Use Some Cosmetic TLC

This is a Dewald model A-502 Catalin Radio in a swirled brown cabinet with yellow/orange trim. Although beautiful at first glance or from a distance, this set has some cosmetic issues. T are several repaired cracks in the catalin cabinet, the bottom grill bar is cracked, and the knobs are painted reproductions, and not a very good paint job in my opinion. Regardless, this is a very attractive radio.

Size is 10"W x 6"H x 6"D

The cabinet is rather dull, although I wiped it lightly with a liquid polish to allow the defects to show in the photos. Both ends have repaired cracks extending from front to the rear. T is a repaired crack on top at the left front extending around to the left end. The final crack is in the bottom grill bar just above the left knob. The repair of the cabinet cracks was expertly done and hardly visible without wetting the surface with polish and looking closely. All repaired cracks can be seen in the photographs. The set still has its original back and loop antenna.

The five tube chassis was tuned up and is in working order. The line cord is rather stiff but not cracking and is safe.

This set displays very well as is but a good rubbing out will enhance the beauty of the marbled catalin.

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