DF3033 Lighthouse Guardian by House- David Frykman -MIB

David Frykman Portfolio - Lighthouse Guardian Collection
Retired 1999

#DF3033 Guardian by House & Lighthouse

This is a large figure: 10-1/4" tall x 7" wide

Original Retail Price $50.00

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About David Frykman Portfolio: David's first true carving experience was in the winter of 1992-93 when he was invited to participate in local ice-carving competitions. This delightful experience provided David the opportunity to explore a whole new direction as a sculptor. Currently, David's medium of choice is eastern white cedar, though he will still sneak off to the occasional ice competition!

The David Frykman Portfolio pieces are originally carved in wood and then each piece is carefully cast in the highest quality resin, and handpainted to retain the look and feel of the originals.

A very Unique addition to your collection!
I will have several more of them listed over the next couple of weeks.
Great for holiday gifts!