DGE Nosewarmer Poker Tobacco Pipe

My philosophy in pipe making is to concentrate on what makes a great performing pipe. The 2 biggest determinants are quality of the briar and a smooth even air flow from bowl to button. This pipe is made from well cured Tuscan briar. The first pipe made from a new briar supplier is for me to test. It passed with flying colors. A nice cool dry smoking chunk of briar.
Next is how does the smoke make it from the bowl to your mouth. The air hole must meet the chamber dead center and right on the bottom of the chamber. This is not rocket science. It just requires attention to detail and care in lining things up. I use an 11/64" (4 mm) airway in the stem and shank, tapering to 5/32" at the bottom of the slot. A pipe cleaner passes easily from button to bowl. I hand fit each pipe with a Vulcanite stem.
The physical appearance has no impact on smoking performance. While my pipes are not ugly, neither are they works of art. One of my customers hung the tag "Chunky Elegancy" on them. I liked it and stole it.
A characteristic of briar is the possible presence of "pits". My philosophy is to leave them if they don't affect the integrity of the pipe. I try to make sure any pits are clearly visible in the photographs. I also feel that the briar can stand on its own, without staining. After buffing to a high gloss my pipes are
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