An affordable great-sounding cajón from renowned Italian master-builder and player Pier Paolo De Gregorio Borrás.

The new De Gregorio “Sweet Spot” Cajon brings professional sound and construction at an entry-level price. The Sweet Spot cajón is handmade in Italy using quality materials and construction methods.

The body of the DG Sweet Spot cajón is made with half-inch baltic birch ply. The rear panel is quarter-inch birch ply. The internal reinforcements are made with solid European beech and pine. All parts are assembled with high-bond vinyl glue, except for the upper part of the front, which is screwed on. The finish is an eco-friendly water-based spray paint.

The front panel (Tapa) is the most distinctive part and is constructed from 3.5mm 3-ply birch for resonance, flexibility and tonal response. The Tapa features a “sweet spot” target logo indicating where the fullest bass tone can be found.

The snare system is the other main technical feature, which consists of 2 rows of nickel guitar strings (approx 0.040 gauge) Snare tension is adjustable and strings can be replaced in the unlikely event of a breakage. Tonal variations can be obtained by adjusting the front panel screws and snare tension.

The sound of the DG Sweet Spot is well balanced, with impressive bass and
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