Diamalloy Needlenose Pliers SN56 Vintage Nice Wally's

These are in very nice condition and are 6 5/8" long. The have the Diamond horseshoe mark and say Duluth SN56 Diamalloy USA.

The items I'm selling are from my parents garage, not Estate Sale or Garage Sale finds. My stepdad of 41 years, Wally, was a machinist repair/service man for Addressograph Multigraph till he retired in the '80's. From his teenage years through his '70's he repaired, rebuilt lawn mowers, snowblowers, motorcycles & a whole bunch of cars, anything with an engine! He only kept parts that were worth keeping, nothing broken. This past Fall, as I was listing his tools, accessories and parts, I would bring them from the garage to him in the house, so he could touch & see them, then tell me what they were, what the item was used for. Then I listed the item for sale here on eBay. This past Feb., at 85 years old, Wally passed away, so I am no longer able to ask him about these items. If I goof in the description, I apologize. Thank you for taking the time to read about the history of this item.

This Diamalloy is from Wally's work briefcase. He took this to work every day. He retired in 1991. My mom said this case then spent about 10 yrs. in his trunk, till he retired from driving and then the garage!

Check out my other items for sale, I will combine shipping, to save you money, when possible.
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