Dianetics "Dianometry" 1st print '51 L.Ron Hubbard


Collector's notice: This is a great item for your L.Ron Hubbard library.

an article attendant to the study of Dianetics which is the science developed by L. Ron Hubbard based on his scientific observations and evaluations first appeared in this issue of Astounding Science Fiction of january 1951.

This copy contains an advertising for the book Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health on the back cover.

This very collectible very rare copy actually can be read and pages turn. Well preserved this copy is a treasure trove of value in many areas. It represents many things - the Golden Era of Science Fiction writing - pulp fiction at its best - the entering of Mankind into a new era.

This premiere article is 26 pages in length. Please email me with any questions.