Diaphragm for JBL 2415H, 2416H, 2416H-1 driver 8 ohm

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Replacement Diaphragms

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This is a " Buy It Now " auction for new Pro Parts 8 ohm diaphragms that will fit all JBL 2415, 2415H, 2416, 2416H, 2416H-1, 2417H, 2152 and 2155H driver / horn.
If your diaphragm looks like the one pictured and measures the same as listed in the specifications bellow, then this diaphragm is the one you need.

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This diaphragm has a titanium dome with an aluminum edge-wound voice coil on a Nomex former just like the original JBL diaphragm.


8 ohm DCR is 4.1 +or- 8% Overall diaphragm diameter 3 1/4-in or 83mm Voice coil diameter 1 3/4-in or 44mm Mounting holes are 2 1/4-in or 57mm center to center

This diaphragm will handle the same amount of power, and sounds the same as the original diaphragms, guaranteed , or your money back

This diaphragm is made by the world's leading diaphragm manufacturer.
Other diaphragms sold on eBay may look the same as ours but may not be made by the same manufacturer or to our strict standards of quality and may not perform as well as ours.
We sell only top quality
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