Dice Tower and Tray - American Sycamore (AFSP785)

Note: If you are seriously considering this item, don't wait too long as they typically sell fairly quickly.

This is a handcrafted item and not made of extruded plastic or laser cut thin plywood that is punched out of a factory by the thousands. Each tower made is unique and is more than just a functional gaming accessory. When not in use it can be placed on display as a show or conversation piece. This item will serve your gaming needs and will be treasured for years.


Photos are of the actual tower and tray offered for sale (dice not included). The tower is constructed of 1/2-inch solid sycamore, is 4-inches square and 10-inches tall, and has red felt-covered baffles. All edges are chamfered to give it a softer look and feel. The 1/2 inch sycamore construction, although it adds weight to the tower, provides stability and sturdiness for long years of enjoyable gaming.


The dice tray is lined with red felt and has mitered sycamore sides. The bottom of the tray has an additional felt covering to reduce the potential of damaging table top surfaces.

Fit and Finish

The tower and tray are spray finished with 5 to 7 coats of durable oil-based polyurethane with the final being satin to give it a rich luster rather than a shine.