Dickens Village lot of 10 (wealthy section)

Dickens Village lot of 10 - 5 buildings 5 accessories

The Dept 56 lighted houses and accessories have won the hearts of many, mine included. The warmth and charm of the Dickens Village has provided my family and me with years of fun setting up the display, and a lifetime of cherished memories. T are so many little details to be discovered in these pieces, and each year more little treasures were found. Great start, great addition, great gift........you will love this village.

All of the buildings and accessories come in original packaging and include light cords w applicable. All pieces are in excellent condition (some never displayed) with no damage that I can see (some dusty) and with no repairs made. Some of the outer sleeves show their years, and some are in just very good condition. In any event, the packaging continues to serve the purpose of protecting and identifying the contents.

This combination of buildings and accessories displays the wealthier side of Dickens Village. What Dickens collection would be complete without the presence of the man himself, as well as the home he lived in for many years? This auction has both.

Gad's Hill Place - this is the 6 th edition in the Dickens Signature series limited to one year's production, 1997. When Charles Dickens was a boy, he often passed by
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